Being charged for phone I don’t have

  • 24 November 2021
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I ordered an iPhone 12 online from Best Buy on 11/20, and it turned out they didn’t have it in stock.  So on 11/21 Best Buy canceled the order.  I never received any phone.  However the iPhone 12 is showing up on my T-Mobile account as shipped/received with a monthly charge.  I’ve called customer service 3 times now, and no one seems to be able to help.  Best Buy tells me they cancelled the order and there is nothing else to do on their end.   Any advice?

2 replies

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I just wanted to clarify- when you look at your monthly statement, you are seeing the device there with an equipment installment plan charge? Your IMEI should also be on the bill so you can ask for a handset research form to be filled out so the offline team can find out what happened.  I hate to hear you’ve had to call in to customer service so many times, I know that can be extremely frustrating. 


If you use social media, you might want to reach out to T-Force through Facebook or Twitter for further assistance. Hope this helps!


Thanks for your reply.  Yes, on my bill under “Equipment Installment Plans” there is an IMEI for the device and it is set to charge me $729.99 over 30 months.  Basically there are two devices listed, each with their own IMEIs, and I only own one of them.  The other one is the iPhone 12 that got cancelled.  How do I request a handset research form?