BestBuy Upgrade Error

  • 13 October 2021
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I'm trying to upgrade a line by buying an iPhone via BestBuy. In the process, I have to type my phone and last 4 of my social so I can authenticate with T-mobile. It then gives me an error that my phone nad last 4 of my social don't match.


I've been to two stores, both stores told me to call T-mobile or use Twitter. Twitter support told me to go back to a store and when I called T-mobile, they also sent me back to a store. I need to check if my SSN was correctly typed in the system as I've only had this plan for 5 days.


How do I fix this?


Thank you.


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2 replies

Did you ever figure this out? I’m having the same problem and it’s so frustrating!!



Yes, I was able to fix it.

I went to a T-mobile store and they called their credit department. They asked for my SSN card and Drivers License and replqced the SSN in my account. Even though the original number they had in my account was right,  their system had a glitch and it wasn’t reading it. Instantly after that I was able to upgrade via Apple and BestBuy.

 It has to be a corporate store, not a franchise store.

If they get lost in the store, show them the procedure here:


Good luck!