BEWARE!!! Misleading T-Mobile Reps

  • 25 June 2020
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I had service with Verizon which had been acting glitchy. I found out later all cell companies were having the same problems, due to 5G towers being installed. Anyway I now wish I would had waited because I was told by a T-Mobile representative that if I switched both of my numbers to T-Mobile that I would get Netflix and Quibi free for a year. Now that I have switched, T-Mobile has renege on what they promised me. When I called a week later to see why I had not received my link to sign up for Netflix and Quibi, I was told it was because I had one line. I have the Magenta plan and a Digitz number, which is two lines but T-Mobile does not consider this to be two. Anyway to make a long story short, the fourth representative I spoke with told me that she was going to speak to her supervisor to see if they could go ahead and override everything so that I could get the year free of Quibi and Netflix. She told me to give her 48 hours, which she called me back in less than 48 hours, more like 47 hours 50 minutes just to tell me again no and I was not eligible. They even tried to talk me into getting a 3rd line just to get Netflix and Quibi for free, instead of just giving me what they promise in the first place. I am a retired disabled veteran on a fix income, so I don’t have extra to spend just to get two services for free that I was offered in the first place to switch. T-Mobile should had stood by what they promised me. Honestly from what I can see, I was better off sticking with Verizon and getting my Apple music free each month. So I been with T-Mobile for two weeks and it was fun while it lasted but end of this month, I will be paying the service I have used so far with T-Mobile and the balance on the Apple Air Pods that I was told that was free ($73.33 balance owed and half of the original price was put down on it smh) and leaving T-Mobile with their false promises. T-Mobile has hustled this disabled veteran for the first time last time and I will be telling other veterans about how they con me into switching to their service and not delivering on what they promise. In a way I kind of feel like I was discriminated but expensive lesson learned. I will be returning to Verizon end of this month and hopefully getting my free Apple music back.

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