• 28 October 2021
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Starting with the beginning which is a iPhone 12 purchased from T-Mobile that never worked right from November 2020 months of being passed back and forth between apple and Tmobile, their ABSOLUTE RIP OFF 360 PROTECTION PLAN In which we paid $60 a month for only to find out It isn’t honored that’s right folks I spent four hours of my life with six agents Repeating to each one the story over and over and over and  then FINALLY resolution Which required me to purchase an iPhone 13 and mailing back my old iPhone 12 under the insurance program. I was told not to worry to send my old iPhone 12 back and they would mail me a new iPhone 13 which they did only to find out this week that the insurance I paid for over a year will not cover the iPhone 12 Because IT WAS A MECHANICAL ISSUE which had to be handled by Tmobile not the insurance company!!???! And Here’s the best part folks I am to be charged for the broken phone that I don’t even Had in my possession oh yeah that’s right well I got news for you Tmobile I will be visiting your store tomorrow and I will be throwing every single one of my phones in your front lobby and if you don’t fix the situation I will make sure be on this post everyone knows my story

1 reply


I noticed that you have to go through several customer service reps until you get an experienced one that know what they are doing.  I’ve been having issues with them the past few months. They resolve my issues but I have to keep complaining for hours until they understand…