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Whenever I login, either on the mobile app or through the web, when I click on “bill & pay”, it NEVER loads. It just sits with a circle going around. I have tried reaching out to customer service and they have no idea why on their end. Has anyone had this happen and how were you able to resolve it (if you were able to)? Thanks in advance!

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Same here!
I tried from my computer as well as my cellphone. Every other page loads fine EXCEPT for the bill and pay screen. It makes me think that T Mobile doesn’t want us to see the details of the bill and just expects us to pay :/


Same exact problem for the past year.  It is an embarrassment for T-Mobile that such a simple thing fails and creates frustration. Whether on my phone, on my PC, or using different browsers, from different locations, pulling up the bill does one of two things:  1) nothing. It’s like the button is painted on the screen for your viewing pleasure or 2). The spinning wheel of death. Once, for kicks, I let spin for 60 minutes.  I just need to see my bill monthly to submit for reimbursement.  It’s not rocket science. I get it if the system is down for a day, or hey, even a week!  A year???  Seriously, I know some good programmers and web developers! 

I have the same problem. I have had better help from tech support vs calling customer service. I even went to the t mobile store tonight and they couldn’t get into my bill to view the Individual charges. 

Same here! I have a business account and have not been able to access my bill for months, and customer support has not been able to get this figured out.

Same here!  I have been tried many time and No luck.  If I switch bill to Mailing, they will charge $1.99 for detail bill.  I have paperless option and I set up for receiving bill through email, but I never received email either.  I set up auto pay, so I paid but I could not see detail bill.  They should fix the bill and pay.

I’ve also been having this problem for quite some time now.  Not sure what the problem is, but kinda weird that nobody from Tmobile is in this thread right?

Looks like a javascript file that’s supposed to load this is throwing a 404 error:

GET 404 (Not Found)  --  polyfills-es2015.7454c9bf8083d7129ab6.js:1    

Hey T-Mobile, I’ll gladly fix this for you :)

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What browser are you u sing?  Do you have script blocking enabled in that browser?  I have no issues accessing my bill and paying it when using Microsoft Edge or FireFox.  

I am using Google Chrome and I don’t have problem to view the amount of the bill or to pay online.  The problem is when I click view bill (detail of the bill) or download bill,  then the site shows searching, searching forever, never show up.


It’s June 23, 2023 and this is still a problem. Absolutely no concern from T-Mobile about this most BASIC requirement of a service provider: offer a service, provide customer a bill showing the cost of that service. As my boss says, “billing is one thing, collecting is another”. Maybe we should all refuse to pay the bill until they can show us documentation of exactly what we are paying for.

Haven’t been able to access my itemized bill for 6 months to expense via work. This is absurd and at this point I’m ready to switch providers


In an era where seamless digital experiences are expected, it is disheartening to encounter such persistent issues with your billing system. As a customer, I deserve reliable and efficient service, particularly when it comes to managing my financial transactions.


I kindly request that you take immediate action to address these billing system deficiencies, as they have significantly impacted my experience as a T-Mobile customer. I trust that you will prioritize resolving these issues promptly and ensuring a more seamless billing experience for all customers.

Contacted support many times. I can't review my bill since February 2023. Really annoying. Using direct page link, I still can view and download previous bills till January 2023. Can you please fix it already? Tried all browsers: Firefox,  Chrome,  Edge - useless, same problem persist no matter which browser you use, including T-mobile app. FRUSTRATING 

I have a business account.  I need these to submit for our accounts payable information.  I also have not been able to do this since around February.  This needs fixed.

I have a business account too. I haven’t seen the detail bill since February 2023. Please fix this. 

Not sure if this is only affecting business accounts… Same issue, can’t access my statements online or in-app and just get a perpetual spinner. This is a major issue and it’s hard to believe T Mobile is unable to fix it… Called a rep who said they’d email me my statement in 24-48 hours but it’s been almost a week at this point as well...

Same exact issue.  Have you noticed that when it takes you to look at your bill, the site (address bar) starts flipping screens and redirects you?  When you pull up the address it is a mile long with all kinds of weirdness in it.  That tells me it’s hacked and redirected and people do this to ride off your account, use your data.  Try to figure out if someone has a business account off your line which they can have an entirely different address connected to it or they can add an esim without you knowing it  or set up the “digits’ and you have no way of knowing.  

Same issue here!

This has been broken for months as far as I can see. How is it possible to have a 404 on a production site for so long? I’m seriously considering switching service over the gross negligence.

I’m a new T-Mobile customer with a business account…. has anyone found a solution? This makes me want to cancel T-Mobile and go back to my previous provider.

Same issue here - anyone found a fix? I’m a business customer also. 

I need to see detail of Bill looking for phone number


I am trying to see my billdetail 




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I had no issues logging in yesterday evening to manually pay my bill using Edge.