• 28 September 2018
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          Tmobile billing is strange when it comes to new a/c. I was in my uncle plan till Sept. 21st 2018. Then I create new a/c on 21st and add a new line as well which arrived few days later. Then all sudden on 25th see my bill due of 70$ due for just 1 line and statement cycle is 21-22th. I was surprised as Post Paid is use first and pay after. But how comes my bill due on october 15th when I started my service on 21st and 70 $ for 21-22th ? i reach to costumer service and they told me its something they said pay between the cycle. It doesn't make sense to me as a Postpaid user and see if other people as having same thing.


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First join Tmobile back in 2008 or so it was my favo 5 pre Post account. If it still runs like back then it seems as though they did are pre charging you ahead. Once I was charged twice in a bill cycle in 2009-2010 I freak out because I was a broke student and can only afford a small amount of servic plans. I contacted rep they said billing cycle has changed without my  Authority. They told me their systems works in a certain bill systems back in the day as the server generates the bill in that way as defaul. The good thing was told to me at least my bill was paid. So I didn’t had to pay for almost two cycles due to paying as future payments Being giving extr early I would also go in store to get help and print out of the billing cycle(s) and payments. Hope you get a clear answer. 

New accounts are in BILL CURRENT

which means you are billed a month in advance (NOT use first then pay later)

Here is a more detailed explanation:

Understand your bill

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Hi there and I hope you've taken a look at the info above. If you still need more help with clearing things up, we'll need our Team of Experts or T-Force team to take another shot after looking at your account. Please use the Community-2153​ for ways to reach them if you have any additional questions.

Ok. I will wait for 1 more billing cycle and see how everything will go. thank you .

Thank you .

Thank you mike. I will wait the current billing cycle to be closed and move from there.

Even I have issues with TMobile Billing. Recently i got charged for  4k for a month and not getting help from customer care. Not sure where to escalate this and get this sorted.