• 27 July 2018
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Has anyone had problems with bills not being allined, causing disconnection

9 replies

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Hi there! I'm not sure what you mean by "not being allined".  Could you elaborate? Also- your username, is that your phone number by chance? I would recommend changing that asap!

I got sms ending 6223 $80.i want know about it

why my new bill is so high

i cancelled the tv service but my bill still high


T-Mobile billing (auto pay) and adjusted credit is a NIGHTMARE.  I have never experienced a more convoluted and inconsistent billing process in my life.

TM owes me a credit of $77.83 and my bill is $170.  Why did I get a bill for $148.18?

It doesn’t stop there, they also owe me $170 for erroneously debiting my checking account last month.  I had credits and paid the difference, but they STILL debited the full auto payment amount.

I’ve turned off auto payment until this gets straightened out.

Todd, I feel your pain.  I have tried cust ser. and been hung up on 2x.  I went to the store and they said they can’t help.  T Mobile has withdrew almost $180 out of my “Auto Pay”  acct.  I was told it was to be $72.00 Now I have to dispute that.  This used to be good cust  serv but seems the wheels have come off.  NO MORE T MOBILE !

good morning 

i need to do just a full billing on 2021 

just the full amount 

where can i find here?

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good morning 

i need to do just a full billing on 2021 

just the full amount 

where can i find here?


Apparently, you need to go to your account, look at each bill for 2021, and add them together to get a total.


In July of 2021 I switched to Tmobile to Verizon and have nothing but trouble every month with billing. After many calls to CS and getting nowhere i finally got a supervisor. Tmobile somehow changed the original agreement we had where i send in my 2 iPhone X and i would get 2 iPhone 12 and only pay $73 per month for 2 lines of service.

 He read the many pages of notes from all of my calls and then told me one of the iPhones X that i sent arrived late and therefore voided the agreement. One of the 2 iPhones arrived late because they sent me the wrong prepaid mailing postage form with the IMEI of the first iPhone i had already sent in. 

So now i am paying about double what i should be paying and the supervisor said there is nothing i can do about it.


Ive searched high and low and can not find where to appeal this decision.  Anybody know where?