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My account was paid in full, yet TMobile is billing me $92 as immediately due on my account.  My bank records show that except for the payment arrangement there is no outstanding balance owed of $92.  The bank has reversed all INSF charges on TMobile as my courtesy pay on my bank account was inadvertently not applied.  My records show a $40 payment was made in full by my bank to TMobile and therefore no additional fees should have accrued for $92.  Please correct your records and contact me immediately.  Thank you.  J. McCoy  

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The Reversed INSUFF Fee was processed on 4/27/22 for $30 and the $40 outstanding balance was paid in full to T Mobile on 4/28/22.   The courtesy pay feature was on my bank account but did not process correctly.  My bank is transitioning to new account numbers.  T Mobile is showing I have a balance of $92 due immediately.  This is incorrect and should be reversed as I paid the $40 outstanding charge owed in full on 4/28.  I have a payment arrangement for $46 on 5/12 and $46 on 5/22.  Please correct your records accordingly.  Thank you.    

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no one here can help you with this. This is a Peer to Peer fourm. You need to contact support by calling or through their online accounts to have this matte r corrected