Binge On not working with Crunchyroll and/or Youtube

  • 2 January 2018
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Being home for the New Year holidays,  I have been often watching videos on the Crunchyroll app and Youtube app. Yesterday I got a text saying that my data was used up (6 GB plan) and when I check online it says that my TOTAL usage this cycle has been 8.67 GB. My phone shows a similar value of 8.76 GB total, with 3.22 GB from Crunchyroll and 1.89  GB from Youtube. It makes no sense for my 6 GB to be used up; the numbers just do not add up.  I contacted Tech Support but they are not very useful.

This happened to me many months ago and nothing was resolved. I had not used Crunchy even since then and now that I did again to catch up on some shows, again my data got used up. Something must be wrong.


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On January 1rst I also logged into Crunchyroll. I had used 1.8 G of data at that time. After an hour or so I got a message stating that I had used up all my Data! And Yes had Binge On enabled. Usually customer service is great. But after over an hour of being transferred back and forth with no satisfaction I hung up. I would tell my issue... put on hold... then a New Rep come on and ask Same Questions! This happened 3 times! And I had a simple question... If I used my Phone, had Binge On, went through the App why was my Data being charged? All I got was runaround. Then an offer to replace Data which I said yes to but never was credited with extra Data . I have used Netflix for over a year no issues.

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Hey, @david13579naranja and @art1z5n!

I appreciate you both letting us know that Crunchyroll is causing you to use data vs utilizing BingeOn features. We definitely need to get this straightened out. If it's only happening with Crunchyroll, this is something our Engineers need to investigate. You'll want to reach out to T-Force (our social media customer care team) and they'll get a ticket filed for you. Keep in mind that you may need a few examples of when you used Crunchyroll in order for them to work with our Engineers. You can contact T-Force by clicking the Facebook or Twitter icons in my signature.

Still not working correctly Is it the Crunchyroll App? I was watching a few days ago and checked my data. It was not eating into it. Then I returned after a few minutes. Had not logged out of the application and resumed playing. Suddenly got a text message from TMOBILE stating all my data used. I called and spent another hour with a Technician.And , yes , Crunchyroll was part of Binge On. Then after all this waiting and waiting got asked if I was aware that my bill was due soon and I should pay it now? How Rude.  I was told that a reply would come within 3 Days. No Reply, All my Data used up and no compensation , no feedback. A very nice email from yourself but when I tried to reply it was sent back. And no link to contact you. And I don’t Facebook or Twitter. I always supported TMOBILE and sent you clients. Now Very Seriously considering going back to Verizon After my one tablet paid off. Their customer service was lousy. But now you have them beat.

Did this issue get resolved? I want to use the crunchyroll app w/ bingeon so that my data doesn't get used

crunchyroll is doing it again and for some reason they haven't posted that they fixed it since 2018. how many people are having there data used when it should be covered by binge on. So I would like a solution posted or problem solve. ive had sever issues since I got a phone with them its to the point I'm about to cancel its non STOP. ps ive been with t mobile for a while mid 2013 so the member thing is wrong.