Block international outgoing calls

  • 21 February 2018
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I want to block calling while I am within the US. Is there any option to do so??

For example: If I dial an international number, then the call should not go through while I am within the USA not on roaming.


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7 replies

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Block outgoing international calling & texting

Thank you @ @smplyunprdctble for your response, but the link you provided is for those who are traveling internationally. I want to know for within the country and not while traveling.

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That is while in the country.  It notes that calls to Canada and US Virgin islands aren't blocked (because they use a Country Code of 1 for some reason, I imagine)

You may need to contact Customer Care to get it added to your account, if it's not available.

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Well then..... looks like that document is super wrong. No fault of @smplyunprdctble​ though. I am going to get this sent up so we can have it corrected. In the meantime, please contact us and our care teams can add the stateside international blocking feature to your account for free.


I will try it. Thank you for responding. I got billed for approx. $93.00 for international calls last month.

Nikhil, simply unpredictable had it right. That feature blocks outgoing calls.

that feature does not appear in my services.  Under international I only have:

North America Feature

Stateside International with Mobile