Block scam calls from leaving voicemail?

  • 27 January 2020
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I have a Galaxy S10+ and Magenta Plus plan.  I started receiving "Social Security" scam robocalls from a 520 area code number about a week ago, and suddenly in the last 2 days, they're calling me non-stop, literally every 30 to 60 minutes during the day.  I blocked the number after the first couple instances but I'm still getting voicemail notifications and my VM is clogged with these scam robo messages.

Is there a way to block the caller entirely so they can't leave voicemail?  I saw on a couple other boards/threads that there are 3rd party apps that can do this but I don't want to have to install another app just to deal with this nuisance.

BTW, when I first started getting the calls, I once let it play through the robocall message and it said it was putting me through to somebody.  The guy who answered was very confused, so I hung up.  The second time it was a guy who immediately started cursing at me.  I then realized the number is bouncing me to others who think they're getting called from the scammer.  So don't call the number back or stay on the line unless you want to perpetuate the scam... well, not so much a scam as some advanced but really dumb prank call game... or else a means of trying to flood our cell network in order to try to disable it??

Anyway, how do I block calls from a particular number from leaving VMs?


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Robo calls are no fun at all! We do offer a free service to ID and block these potential scam calls. Do you have this enabled already? Scam ID & Scam Block | T-MOBILE SUPPORT 

Robo calls are no fun at all! We do offer a free service to ID and block these potential scam calls. Do you have this enabled already? Scam ID & Scam Block | T-MOBILE SUPPORT 

Does this blocker work on all unwanted calls, or just those T-Mobile identifies as scams? There’s a relative that’s bothering me and my husband and we’d like to stop getting voicemails from him. “Stop calling us” isn’t working.

I'm wondering the same about known callers.. I've blocked the number but I get multiple voicemails a day. I don't want to have to change the phone number I've had for 10 years! 

I am getting many calls every day from the same scammer’s phone number.  I blocked the phone number but I still continued to get notifications many times each day that there were voice messages from that phone number.  At that point, I came to the T-Mobile website and followed the procedure of typing #662# into my phone and received a display saying “Scam Block is now turned on” but I still keep getting the voicemails from the same number many times every day.

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To block internal reject list blocked numbers from sending blocked calls to voicemail goto to dialer app and enter **67*18445865686# then tap the phone receiver icon and this will change your call forwarding when busy number which internal call blocking originally sends to TMobile voicemail to a sample free number Barn number parked message.


This is no joke but after doing this if you wanna set it back to normal blocked calls goto TMobile voice mail then in dialer enter ##004# then tap phone receiver icon.

Also if you got the free digits number with free digital voicemail then you can enter **67*1+area code+full number followed by# the number being your digital voice mail voicemail.

When you use free dig VM for spam calls make sure that you don't have the digits app installed so you won't be notified of any voicemails there and the digital VM box will be auto deleted every 30 days.

I set this method up my self and all blocked numbers are sent here easily .

Non blocked important and contact numbers are send to VM box that originally come with your service .


Hope this helps you all out..