Hey I blocked a number and it still pops up in my text messages as a blank text. This has been happening since I changed my phone how can this be fixed?

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Hey, @ashdash513​!

When you want a number blocked, you want it blocked! Let's figure out what's going on. To start, what type of phone are you using currently and what type of phone did you switch to? Once I know the answer to that question, I'll be able to narrow down why this is happening. 


I had a Samsung s6 edge and now I have a Samsung s9 plus

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Thanks for letting me know what type of phone you're using, @ashdash513​! Are these the steps you followed to block the messages? If not, give that a shot and let me know if the phone is completely blocking SMS' from that contact or if it's still showing a blank text.

yes those are the steps I did. I checked the numbers I blocked and that

number is on the list but I keep receiving a blank text message from that

number and I do not known how.

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Hmm. I'm a bit stumped after looking through all the content available from Samsung, those are the only steps I was able to find but it also didn't state if the text box should be showing up blank or completely hidden. Has it always been like this or did it change after a recent update?

I just recently got this phone and I did have some updates. I did not

change my sim card I wonder if that plays a role in this issue I am not

sure. It is like it is hidden because I do not get notified when the blank

message comes I have to actually go into my messages to see the text once I

hit it only thing that shows is the number and a blank message.

also I had a amber alert text message that was keeps popping

up in my inbox after I erased old phone never did this now I'm

starting to get frustrated

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That's extremely odd, @ashdash513​! I wish I knew why this was happening. Are you using the stock messaging app on your S9+? This sounds more software related than anything.

yes I'm using the messaging app that came on the device

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Thanks! The more and more we chat, @ashdash513​, this sounds like an isolated incident and I want to say it's an issue with the phone itself. What I'd recommend is running your phone in Safe Mode to see if you get the same blank pop-up. Safe mode: Samsung Galaxy S9+

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Hey there!

Just wanted to check in and see if you'd had a chance to try Safe Mode like Amanda suggested!!


Hello I haven't had a chance yet

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Testing the phone in Safe mode is a really good idea. Please let us know if that works. Thank you.

so far I haven't received any more blank messages after the safe mode

option. I will let you know If anything changes. Thanks so much

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Thanks for testing that and keeping us posted. 😊

Now, we don't expect you to keep it in Safe mode all the time, this was just for testing. We'll keep an eye on this thread so thanks for letting us know what happened.

Ok it came back blank messages it did not work. Not sure what I am suppose

to do in safe mode. All I did was erase the blank text message. After a

hour it shows back in my inbox again this is a number that is blocked.


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We just wanted to see if you were still getting blank messages from the blocked number while your phone was in Safe mode. Is it multiple numbers that this is happening with or just one number?

No I didn't get it while in safe mode. It is just one number

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Thanks for that info. This is making me think it's something on the phone that could be causing this. Do you have any 3rd party messaging apps installed? If so, can you remove them for a bit and see if the same thing happens?

No I do not I use the messaging app that came installed on the device.

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Awesome. Can you try wiping the cache on the phone then see if you blank messages keep showing up? This won't delete any important data from the device but I'd like you to try to see if this helps.

No that did not work either

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Has it always done this or is it something that's only recently started happening? I'm thinking we'll need to have you back up and reset the device then set up the number in the block list to see if that resolves the issue for you.

This just started happening ever since u got a new phone which was 2 weeks


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Hmm. If you had this same number blocked on another device and didn't have this issue, backing up and resetting the new device is gonna be the next step.