Blocking Voice, SMS And Direct Voice Mail


When I Block A Callers Number; I Want It Block Universally! No Call, No Voice Mail, No SMS!

Unable To Block SMS Test Messages From Email Addresses Or Anything That Is Not A Number! Very Very Frustrating!

When I Block “The Vehicle Warranty Division”; I Never Want To Be Contacted By Them Via Any Means!

Why Can We Not Manage A Truly Universal Block List Via The Web Portal? Besides The Fact You Have Neglected To Provide Your Customers The Ability To Protect Them Selves!!!!!!!!!!!

It Seems Quite Obvious That T-Mobile Cares Very Little About Their Customers Well Being!

These Calls, Texts And Voice Mails Are Harassment!
These Calls, Texts And Voice Mails Are Terroristic!
These Calls, Texts And Voice Mails Waste Our Time, Resources And T-Mobiles Bandwidth!

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