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  • 12 January 2022
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I was told with the airpod promotion that my account would be billed 10.84 per month, but that I would automatically receive a rebate card in the mail (typically 15-30 days later) and that I could use to then call TMobile and pay them off or use it for whatever else I wanted.  I never received or heard anything from TMobile about the rebate care so I called to check on the status.  I am then asked if I made a submission.  Of course I didn’t because the saleman didn’t not only not mention it, he specifically said it would automatically come.  So, I realize I must take action to get my rebate and now I only have 3 days left to do so (must be done within 30 days).  It is asking for the IMEI of the device purchased in order to get the promotion.  Well, I purchased 2 phones on that same day.  I’m not sure which device they linked the airpods to, so how do I know which IMEI to submit with my request?  I have searched my TMobile account online and back through the documents I signed regarding the airpods, but none state which phone purchased that the airpods are linked with.  Does anyone know how to get this information or where to find it within documents or in my online account?

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