Bought phone - T-Mobile won't let me pay it off



I switched to T-Mobile and bought a phone on a holiday weekend. I wanted to pay for the phone that day in full, $900. This price was the same at all major providers and Samsung. It was not a special specific to T-Mobile. When I was shopping around, I showed all providers a screenshot of the Samsung web page showing the price at all service providers and Samsung on that day.


The salesperson at a T-Mobile corporate store said I could pay for the phone after I set up auto-pay and let auto-payment go through one month, after that I could pay the balance that I owed on the phone.

I want to leave T-Mobile because their service is unreliable in my area - contrary to what their map shows and the salesperson said. (Coverage drops off several miles from my house. The T-Force member who I later chatted with confirmed this.)

So I asked to pay off the phone so they would  unlock it and I could move to another provider.

T-Force reps told me that I can move to a new service provider and continue making monthly payments on the phone BUT if I leave and pay off the phone early, (before 2023), I must pay FULL price, $1200.  

This is not what I was told by the salesperson, Alexander Gleason, in the corporate store #8884 on February 17, 2020 at 3:45 pm.

I am not trying to get out of paying for the phone or get the phone for free. I want to pay them what I owe. I don’t want a monthly $12 phone payment until 2023. I want to be completely done with T-Mobile.


Thank you for any advice!

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