Business account overcharges

  • 13 April 2021
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We have more than 40 lines of business but have to move most of our lines to new business owners. The same rep came to open new business account but not able to help closing lines on old accounts. So I called on Dec 17, 2020 to cancel all but 6 lines. Then I got the statement with over $1000 still. So I called again on Jan 20, 2021 to cancel all but this time only 5 because someone left. Of course, when another statement came, all lines are still active and I owed over $1000 again. I got frustrated and called again on Mar 19, 2021. Well, until today I was told the lines are still active and will not be cancel until my end of statement 4/14/2021. So the reps did not cancel my lines although my repeated calls, and I am beyond frustrated, I have only 5 lines for more than 5 months and Tmobile owe me more than $3000. I will forever remember how fraudulent your customer services reps are, who told me each time they have cancelled the lines. I think it is fair for others to know what you get for calling T-mobile.

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