BYOD being throttled after "upgrade" to Rebellion Prepaid 10Gb plan

  • 13 May 2019
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I recently discovered by complete accident that my old $50/mo. 10Gb pre-paid plan could be obtained for $40/mo if I switched to a new SIM card and joined the new "rebellion" prepaid program. I had no idea that this switch would effectively make my mobile data service unusable. I had to go to a store to get the new card, and switch my plan. I have a OnePlus 6, and have used it on T-Mobile without issue since the phone launched a year ago. No issues, I just wanted to save money on this new plan which had the exact same features (10 Gb/mo. unlimited talk/text).

Upon switching, the porting of my existing number to the new SIM card took 6 hours, which was in itself an unacceptably long amount of time. I called customer support during this time and was told it could take up to 24 hours, where as the store rep told me it might take at longest an hour. Once my number was ported, I noticed an extremely low connectivity to the network over 4G LTE. 1-2mbps download 0-1mbps upload. Cannot even complete google searches or basic tasks sometimes.

I called support, confirmed my network config/APN settings, cleared my network settings from my phone twice/restarted it, etc. Nothing worked. They said they would call back in two hours, never called back.

I'm really starting to think my hunch is correct after reading some threads on reddit r/tmobile and elsewhere about this whole "rebellion" program and how terrible it is. Turns out, if you are a BYOD customer and get put into this pre-paid plan, your device is registered as deprioritized on the network and you will never get full speeds.

I also cannot login to my online account at all anymore, so I cannot stop autopay, pre-paid status, data usage, etc. I get this error message when I try to login.

Oh no!

We have run into an issue when linking this number to the profile.

Please contact our Care experts at 1-877-778-2106 to get this resolved.

When I asked customer service about it, they said I needed to use a NEW EMAIL to sign up for the same account with my same number? I will not use another email address. I have one primary email and that is what I want to use.

I'm really starting to think this practice is illegal, and want to leave the network at this point if it isn't resolved ASAP.


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Perhaps the correct term is deprioritized. I have no reason to he deprioritized as my account is in perfect standing with little data usage.

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That's strange it happened after the switch, but I'm sure we can shine some light on what happened and get you some help. We'll need you to Community-2153​ so we can look at your data usage from your account and see what's been used so far. Then we can have a Trouble Ticket if you've been slowed but still have some of the 10GB left. As for the login error, we can get a Help Desk ticket filed for that to get your account access issue resolved.

I went to a local T-Mobile store and got a new SIM card yesterday, and that seemed to boost connectivity significantly in the store before/after we tested the speeds on the old an new SIM. The employees thought it had something to do with the original Rebellion Prepaid SIM I received not working well.

However, my speeds are still very slow at home and work. Perhaps network coverage has declined in those areas, luckily I use wifi nearly all the time in those places. I'm just hoping that in areas with better connectivity or when traveling, I get the rated speeds.

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So, if the connectivity is better in one area, and not so good in another, that would definitely be something you'd want to file a Service Complaint for. That would mean there's something we'll need to check out for a specific location.