Calling family, getting busy signal(s) & "User Busy"

  • 18 May 2019
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I travel.  Currently in southwest Asia.  I have full bars and LTE on the local infrastructure.  I can call toll free numbers, I can call offices, etc... but when I try to call my family located in the US from my Tmobile device (iPhone 7 Plus) to their Tmobile devices, I get a busy signal.  My phone, instead of saying their names, will say "User Busy", with the audible busy tone.  So I try to call from a US VOIP service (700 code) and it is the same result, busy signal.  I can call using FaceTime Voice, FB MSGR Voice, WhatsApp Voice just fine.  Though this data option works, I have to have the voice to voice accessibility. 

We have turned off our spam/scam/robo features using the noted #____# format.

We have restarted phones.

How do we fix this?


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2 replies

So I didn't think to try to the old guy in the family that  uses a Tmobile flip phone.  Flip phone took my call fine.  It must be smart phone specific issue.

The problem seemed to have fixed itself.  We found code #632# and repeatedly dialed that from the receiving phone several times until it took.  Throughout the process, we rebooted the iPhone once.  Not sure exactly if the reboot had anything to do with it, but is appears dialing #632# has fixed this issue.