calls and text usage logs

  • 11 February 2021
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I have been with T-Mobile for 6 months now and not 1 month has my usage logs been accurate. Could someone please explain why and or how I fix this

1 reply

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Why do you think the logs are not accurate?  Where are you seeing the differences which makes you question the usage for each?  In terms of data, devices push data for various reasons that usually make people think their usage is being reported higher than it is.  The reality of that is, that your device will still use data when connected to data services even if the device is sitting in your pocket.  Sometimes apps need updates for the content they provide, like weather and location based services.  Texts should be reported accurately.  If you see numbers being texted from your device that you didn’t personally text.  Then perhaps you have a rogue app that is sending these texts.