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  • 6 October 2021
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so my friend currently is in county jail and has been calling me for months and i have been getting the calls until recently, however the past maybe 2 months or so he has called several times where it doesnt even ring on my end but it will his and eventually get my voice mail and when you look at my call records the number shows up on there doesnt happen every time he calls the past 2 months just account is in good standing and i prepay for jail minutes with my credit card so its not like i even add them to my tmobile bill...anyone else have this kind of issue or has? can anyone help? i called customer service and basically they didnt know why either and this doesnt happen with anyone else

45 replies

We were seeing the issue where the prison phone call would basically not ring the phone, but just go right to voicemail.  Tried all the things that are detailed in many places regarding this issue... turn off scam blocking, etc.
Eventually we figured out a workaround to allow prison calls to a Tmobile phoneline.
I'm not going to do a detailed process, just the basic steps:
1) Set up a gmail/google account if you don't have one.  Tie your tmobile number to this account.
2) Then get a google voice number
3) Set up your tmobile number within Google voice - might already be there from step 1.
4) Set google voice number to forward to the Tmobile number.
5) Ensure the prison has the google voice number setup in the authorized list.
6) Prisoner now calls the new google voice number and it rings on your Tmobile line.

You can do this all from a PC, or could probably also do it from Google and Google Voice apps you can put on your phone.
NOTE - you need to use the google voice number at least once every 30 days to keep it active.  You should get a reminder in gmail if you don't.  You can keep it active by simply going into voice site and sending a text from the number or doing a call.

I been having the same problems. First that call Securus telling them that the calls were not coming through after 6 PM for some reason they told me had to do with T-Mobile so I called T-Mobile T-Mobile did a diagnostic check did everything everything came out good so they forwarded me to their senior technician to see if they can figure it out Unfortunately they were unable to figure it out so they transfer me to Apple Apple did a diagnostic and also did a screen sharing to make sure all of my settings for spam calling was off the Wi-Fi calling was off so everything came out good on there so I called T-Mobile again. I told him listen I’m not getting any calls past to talk and now when I get regular calls from iPhones, it comes up as FaceTime audio  And I wasn’t receiving calls for some reason past 6 PM. It was like I had only eight hours to use my phone. I was advised to do a network reset so I did that after that it was still not working so I would advise delete all my focus  Options I did that second option was transfer all my files and pictures to a computer or a laptop and do a factory reset and guess what it still didn’t work. So the next day I said you know what maybe the phone so I went to T-Mobile went and purchased the whole brand new phone  And it still doesn’t work so I’m unable to speak to my husband because the calls are not coming through and everyone is blaming everyone is blaming T-Mobile T-Mobile is blaming securest then T-Mobile is also blaming Apple the software update thing. No one knows what’s going on the problem is I still cannot receive calls past 6 PM so I need someone to give me an answer on what to do because I just spent over $500 that didn’t need to be spent. So there’s something wrong and someone needs to fix it.

Jazzy, try calling Securus about not being able to push 1, it's a known issue. 972-734-1111 good luck. This is indeed frustrating!!

It’s wild to me that it’s been problems with T-Mobile and inmate calls for this long. I just recently started have problems. I get the incoming calls but I can’t select “1” to accept the charges. I’ve tried literally everything I’m sure my bestfriend thinks I hate him I haven’t been able to answer his calls for a little more than a month. It suck’s I can get the calls but I can’t accept it. And I don’t have the resources to just change phone companies right now. 

I called Tmobile and there was some sort of block on the account even though I removed the scam blocker and added that number to always come in. It started working better  but its not 100% my husband has to try 3 times for it to Connect. Frustrating!!

I have been having the same issue on one of my Tmobile numbers and the other one is working Fine. But in the scam shield  app, there is a place that allows you to add numbers to always receive calls from. I don’t know if it will work yet, BUt I am trying it right now. I added GTL number to always allow and I am waiting from my Husband to call that number.  Lets keep our fingers crossed

I’m having the same problem rn If you don’t mind by asking did you ever fix this problem? 

I've had Sprint/Tmobile for 18 years and about to switch to cricket since they don't have issues with Securus calls. I was getting calls no problem for a good month and now it's hit and miss. Can't get calls after 7pm and what doesn't make sense is my son gets calls and we are both on Tmobile only difference is he has iPhone I have Samsung s22. Securus sucks and Tmobile blames them. So frustrating! Anyone with a solid resolution?

I am having the same issue it has been 6 days now and it's ridiculously frustrating nobody has answers. Did anyone get it fixed or what was your results? 

Only for his call not anyone else it won't ring and will show missed call and voicemail notification. 

I've tried everything been on phone for hours with gtl connect network, tmobile customer service even went out and bought the latest new phone, upgraded my plan to magenta, changed the sim.card out, and have no blocks no spam calls no do not disturb no airplane mode etc etc. I am beyond over this issue. Someone know anything? 

I been on /off phone with the prison, securus tech n wit straight talk going on 3days.Theres several reasons i was given on why n several potential solutions to try. Heres a few:

*Make sure ur not u dnt have Google voice connected to ur phone 

*Make sure ur "screen spam" is off but u may still hafta call ur phone carrier n tell them u want the spam on medium or tell them the phone # is a valid # n want calls to come thru

*Add the # in ur contacts  They say if u do that it shld come thru 

****NOTE: Ive done all im listing n believe me so much more.I had my inmate added on contacts, block calls off,screen calls off,spam calls off,I uninstalled n reinstalled 20+times,signed outta Google,a different browser,etc etc, 32strait hours of etc,etc  Anyway

*Make sure the # is in contacts in every site as in Google,chrome,Android, etc  Whatever can save ur contacts u shld have them ea have ur contact list

*Soft reboot

*Hard reboot

*Shut on n off ur phone

*Everything n anything u can think to try.I was told turn on then off airplane mode for a few minutes n is where i was headin but ended up in app setting where i been 20x's already.So again,went into ea n every app makin sure notifications were on, phone on vibrate on the loudest ring tone available.The one thing i wasnt readin right,i jst assumed ..was permissions..i COULD NOT believe what i was seein. Im assuming bc this phones a 12 or 13  n has everything thats usually really nothing thats useless to most everyone including this updating it does every single night.Many times afterwords the phone acts out n does some pretty crazy.This time, it took over half of the 100+ apps n changed permissions.It wasnt easy getting those permissions back.It wasnt strait forward like it shudda been.I cant tell u how many other apps i had to open n grant permissions for, jst to get the phone privileges back to securus. I think the only 2apps that had permission for all was google n settings which i had a hell of if time finding the app that wld take most their permission away.

Sorry i drug this out.Cuuda as easily said "hey, make sure u check ur apps permission". Truth be told,i dnt even kno if thats what the issue was bc she hasn't called n we not gettin along that well right now i prob wldnt pic up if it did ring.So sad, really. There prob a few other things u can do....oooop.. ALREADY did hahaha. Been 2yrs since ur incident, 12 hrs since mine.Maybe u get get a chime when i push send  maybe u come back n give me a list Either way, hope ya figured it out,i hope i figured it out too!! Take it easy Have a nice day 


Has this been solved for anyone? This issue has just started happening 2 days ago & it's pissing me off! I’ve been on the phone with securus & tmobile and it's just the blame game. I can see on the securus app there are calls attempting to be made , but they're not coming to my phone… Tmobile has took off all call blocks, i downloaded the shield app & set it to always allow calls from securus, it's still not working! This is so annoying. The only solution I can come up with is to change carriers .


Its because they have issues with their DTMF / Touch Tones working. I have been dealing with this issue for a year at me work, T-Mobile has been absolutely useless to help.


For us, patients are calling to complain in droves because they have an iphone or android and press options on our IVR and nothing happens. They have to hangup and try the call again. Sometimes as many as 5 or more call backs are needed before their tones are registered. I got a T-Mobile line of service to test and called not only our number, but the local hospital whom we have no technology ties to. I reached out to T-Mobile to complain and after back and forth, they told me it was “an iphone issue” and closed my ticket. So I went and bought a T-Mobile android phone and duplicated the issue. I then got another Android phone and duplicated the issue yet again. I also had a coworker with T-Mobile try and duplicated yet again. They came back claiming the issue was now with my Nord N200 device being “international” and “not supporting VOLTE.”. I explained that this is a USA phone, with all the carrier updates, and on the phone screen it clearly shows VOLTE in the corner. They then told me I would have to have our patients call to complain about the issue because they can’t create a larger ticket unless people call to complain. Never mind that a large amount of our patients are older, and don’t have the patience to reach out to T-Mobile. Plus, they will just be told to “try wifi calling” (which doesn’t work), or “Reset their network settings” which will clear out all their wifi saved networks and create even more problems, and “reboot the phone”. Its honestly a joke. I have never had this issue with my Verizon phone, and my boss at AT&T with no problems.

I also am having this issue for the last couple days. It isn't every time my husband calls but he said he tried to call me 2 times yesterday and I didn't answer. I don't show any missed calls from him and my phone never rang. This is an issue that needs resolved (last thing I need is my hubby thinking something crazy!)... And when your in there you always think the worst! 

Been having same problem with tmobile with receiving calls from inmate. Called prison, icsolutions tech support, tmobile tech support to file 2 trouble tickets. I finally gave up and purchased 2 Vtech handsets with voice over internet protocol landline. Landline service provided by Xfinity for less than 10 dollars per month. Have received all calls from prison facility!!!! with much much better quality.

I have been having the same issue on one of my Tmobile numbers and the other one is working Fine. But in the scam shield  app, there is a place that allows you to add numbers to always receive calls from. I don’t know if it will work yet, BUt I am trying it right now. I added GTL number to always allow and I am waiting from my Husband to call that number.  Lets keep our fingers crossed

I’m having the same problem for the past two weeks calls don’t go through. I called securus  I called to T-Mobile and nobody could solve the problem. It’s very frustrating when you cant receive calls from your love ones that are incarcerated. I even change my phone still the same problem 

Literally just started having this problem a few days ago with me not being able to accept my husbands call.. I’m receiving his calls but when it’s time to push “0” to actually accept the call it never goes through as I’m pushing “1” a zillion time until the call hangs up.. I have not been able to communicate with my husband over the phone.. what upsets me the most is that we’ve had a death in the family and I wasn’t able to tell him over the phone I had to email him.. its hard already is with him being away but its one thing not being able to grieve properly hearing his voice.. I’ve been with T-Mobile for quite some time now.. and everything that everyone has pretty much said about them telling us to restart the phone and to take the scam shield off has not worked. No other options were offered to me with the extra stress they have caused me.. I should’ve been reimbursed on my phone bill for a month or confiscated for the hassle I’m having to go though.. So to anyone who’s still experiencing this don’t waste your time calling technical support.. just go ahead and switch services to save you time, which I’m in the process of doing right now.  

Y’all mind as well get new phone because there not going to help I went into t-mobile store talk to support tec on Facebook done everything and still in the end I have get new phone

This is disheartening to see how long this has been a problem and T-Mobile still hasn't bothered to resolve it.  I also called T-Mobile tech support with the exact same issue and was told that it was because I had enabled an app called Scam Shield.  I had never done that but they told me they had disabled it and reset my phone and I was able to receive one call.  Now, I am back to the same problem and it doesnt even show the attempted call in my history at all.  Perhaps T-Mobile has gotten so big that they dont care if they lose customers.  Sad but customer service is a rare commodity now.

Have anyone figured this out yet? This is completely frustrating not being able to talk to my loved ones that’s incarcerated I tried to talk to gtl and t mobile nether one of them have any idea what’s going on I’m about to just switch over it’s just t mobile atp

I’m convinced it’s a T-Mobile issue.

Right u are, only tmobile too...

First and foremost I would love to add fuel to this fire..…


Someone I care about was recently incarcerated and for over 24 hours i went crazy thinking they hadn't even attempted to call me. Well to find out by one of their family members they had CALLED ME NON STOP felt like a blow to the face. So I researched this and the next day decided to call tech support, while I quoted most of your guys issues, I was given the run around. So I hung up...and was texted by tmobile the problem didn't exist/should be resolved...I didn't buy it. So I went into VERIZON and mid having convo I actually recieved first call ever from loved one.... so I left assuming problem was resolved. Since then have recieved ZERO CALLS BUT CAN SEE I MISSED ATTEMPTED CALLS...IM GOING TO TAKE THIS AS A SIGN...ONLY CALL I RECIEVED WAS LITERALLY IN VERIZON BUILDING READY TO SWITCH. AND TO TOP IT ALL OFF, I LEFT AND DIDNT SWITCH AND GAVE TMOBILE The BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT..…



I'm having the same problem my love one calls and I push 0 to except but it won't go thru but I can except other calls I don't known what's wrong I called T-Mobile they say it's nothing showing I called GTL they say it's nothing I don't know what else to do. 

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I’m convinced it’s a T-Mobile issue.

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I switched to Verizon right after I posted that comment and it was an immediate huge difference! I never have problems now unless they’re truly having an issue on their end but even then it just has him call one more time (so twice total). I would save yourself the hassle and switch! It was actually a lot cheaper right now for me to switch to Verizon anyways because they don’t charge for the phone every month like T-Mobile so it saved me $35 a month! And no worries for my boyfriend and I on calls. So much peace of mind. :)

I am having this same problem!! It's been happening for months and I keep getting on the phone with them and they keep telling me to reset things and check my call forwarding but it's still not working! Very frustrating! 

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I’m having the same issue. My boyfriend tried calling me 13 times last night and I got one call that actually came through. I called GTL and they said it’s showing like I’m blocking the call……  So today they said “it’s your carrier, have them take off the spam filters”. So I call T-mobile and they say there aren’t any and everything looks good. I in-blocked every number I’ve ever blocked just in case, and checked all my settings aren’t preventing anything. I got a couple calls from him today after that but none later on when he always calls. I’ve heard Verizon doesn’t have this issue. I’m beyond frustrated!