Can I add "netflix on us" to my SimpleChoice plan?

  • 5 March 2021
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I have a great plan, SimpleChoice. Is it possible to add netflix on us to it? I thought that you could at one time. Can someone offer some insight?

1 reply

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That’s a great question! 

Unfortunately, Netflix on Us is only available for the more current plans such as T-Mobile ONE and Magenta.  I recommend that you check into how much the cost difference would be to switch to Magenta verses what you pay now. 

You can do this at (click Accounts, tap on your plan, then select Manage My Plan).  If you decide to change your plan, please note that you may lose certain types of promotions (free lines, for example). 

If you are participating in any such promo, I encourage you to reach out at 611 to see if your promo would carry over to a new plan should you decide you want to switch.

Depending on which Netflix plan you choose, it may be more cost efficient to stick with your plan and pay for Netflix out of pocket. 

Hope this helps!