can i cancel a trade in?

  • 3 December 2021
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I recently ordered my hubby the iPhone 13. There was a promotion that you can get up to 200 to trade in an iPhone 7. He wanted to keep his for now so I decided to trade in my old iPhone 7 and selected my SE by mistake. When I went to print the slip I noticed that and that they were only giving me 81 (my fault for not reading closer). My question is can I just not sent the phone back within the allotted time? I’m ok not getting the 81 dollars. I called T-Mobile and they said I would have to cancel my husbands iPhone 13 order and reorder it. It sounds like too much trouble and doesn’t make sense. I just don’t want to get hit with hidden fees etc. 

2 replies


Thanks! That is ok with me. The price was the same I would have just received a credit from the trade in and I’m ok not getting it.

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That is how the system works unfortunately.  If you leave the order open but don’t send in your device.  You invalidate the promo and will be billed the fill cost of the iPhone 13 you ordered.  If that is okay, then that is always an option.