Can I let the other line go to the person that uses that phone?

  • 22 June 2018
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I have another line and can I take that line off? I want the person to have that single line put in their own name.


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Yes. You can go to a store with them and do a change of responsibility to move that line off your account and they can get one in their name to assume service themselves.

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FYI: Whatever “Promo Plan” the person currently have and whatever great rate plan the person currently have will end once the responsibility is transferred from you to them. So if you are transferring over (for example) an Unlimited Simple Choice Plan that cost you $25 dollars a month to maintain,  .... based on current T-Mobile One rates.... the new price would be $70 with taxes and fees included with no Netflix benefit for the new owner of this line. Simple Choice Plans for Phones are nolonger available for new customers 😢. The person that will subsequently take over the new line should be made aware of this possible price change so their first month bill won’t creep up and bite them in the wallet.

when the person calls my name appears I want their name to show up not mine

.  how do I have their name