Can't add balance to my prepaid account

  • 22 December 2021
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I have been using tmobile for 4 years without any problems with autopay. Now (I think after the web UI got renewed) I can’t add balance/turn on autopay through web/ios app in any way. The page shows “We are unable to process this payment transaction. Please visit a Retail Store to complete this transaction.” and Retail Stores couldn’t help. I have been crediting the payment amount through customer service for 2 months now and it always takes around an hour for them to do it. 

Does anyone else have the same problem? If fixed, how was it solved?

4 replies


I am dealing with the same problem. Customer service did not help at all! this is a technical issue, a bug on their refill system. Only they can fix it!

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Try going through *233 to make a payment and setup autopay through the automated system.  

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I reactivated a prepaid line last week, that had lapsed, it reverted to the $3.00 Pay As You Go Plan. Between the time it lapsed and last week, the line had migrated from the old My T-Mobile to the new and I had no issues changing to a new plan, or adding funds to the account. The line was reactivated in a matter of seconds.

I’m have two pay as you go plans (one grandfathered 10C/min from t-mobile and the second obviously changed to Ultra mobile $3/month). “My t-mobile” online works and i can see balance and next charge date fine and also can make payments for the 10C/min plan. Not so with the second account. It worked in the past, but now i get a stupid error message: wires are crossed or no service!

Anyone has the same problem and knows how to fix it? What makes my case a little more difficult is that that account is for an intelligence over network device that lets me control room temp, etc through sms.

So i just can not simply call using the code #255# for instance. BTW, the 10C/min plan no longer exists on t-mobile. They apparently contracted out the plan to Ultra Mobile which is a virtual network provider.