Can't become T-Mobile customer because of previous Sprint account

  • 7 January 2022
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I have been trying to become a T-Mobile customer for about a week now. When I first tried signing up, I was told I couldn’t become a T-Mobile customer because I had an active legacy Sprint account (“Sprint, now part of T-Mobile” is apparently VERY misleading and a false statement). I went ahead and cancelled my broadband mobile line that I hadn’t used in quite a while anyways and closed my Sprint account. The next day I called again and was told that because I HAD had a Sprint account I wouldn’t be able to become a customer until that cleared out of the system but that a T-Mobile store could help me. I drove to the next store and they told me I just needed to wait an extra day (after waiting for close to an hour for my turn). I came back the next day and still no luck but they were on the phone with T-Mobile and Sprint for about 30 minutes to “port” my account over to T-Mobile and that it should work within 24 hours. Well, two days later I’m still out of luck and being told I need to talk to Sprint. I got connected to Sprint and they told me that my account is closed and they cannot port a closed account to T-Mobile and that I could pay to restart my old line and then I could be ported over to T-Mobile. I understand that a merger takes time, but this is just insane! I’ve spent close to 5 hours now trying to become a T-Mobile customer. I want to port two numbers from AT&T to Magenta Max. Yet, I’m basically just being bounced back and forth between Sprint and T-Mobile (which supposedly are one) and just have fingers being pointed at each other. 

So, please tell me. How do I sign up to become a T-Mobile customer?

Oh, and the reason I left Sprint for AT&T in the first place was also the botched merger.  I had roaming included in my Sprint plan and T-Mobile just deactivated it. It took about 3 hours of calls from Mexico to be told that T-Mobile no longer honored the Sprint plan I had signed up for and that I needed to pay $30 USD more to reactivate my roaming feature. This merger has been botched beyond belief. Even the T-Mobile sales person acknowledged that he feels screwed because he can’t close a sale due to Sprint blocking me from opening a T-Mobile account.

Any help on this is appreciated.

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