Can't Buy an iPhone from Apple! (This T-Mobile Account isn’t supported on

  • 14 December 2019
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So, I tried to buy a new iPhone from Apple. I'm in a T-Mobile Business account, but my grandpa is the account holder. I went to the Apple website and filled out the first page until I got to the page were it said, "Now let's get your new iPhone ready." It asked for my phone number and SSN of the account holder. I filled that in and clicked Continue. Then a page came out saying, "This T-Mobile Account isn’t supported on".

Why is that? Did I do something wrong? I would like to buy a new iPhone through monthly payments but without my grandpa paying more for the business plan that we have. That's why I tried Apple but then this happened. Help, please!!


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Hey there!

Not the best news unfortunately. Apple doesn't allow business accounts to finance the way an individual account is able to.

It's not going to be an option you can explode while on a T-Mobile for business account. I'm so sorry!


So, is there another way that you may recommend I go by this or no?

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Unfortunately you don't have a ton of options. Depending on the business account type you may be able to finance through T-Mobile, but those charges would go on the bill which it sounds like you were trying to avoid. There's also other third party device financiers that you can go through, but many will include an interest charge.

I wish I had a better option to offer.


Hello I don’t have a business account with Tmobile it’s just a regular family plan and i have done the upgrade program before for years with the same account but now it won’t let me and I don’t know why can you help with that

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