Can't buy new phone online

  • 3 August 2019
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I'm trying to upgrade my phone. When I select a phone from the options provided to me, I select my account, skip the trade-in option, then arrive at the Protection Plan options. When I decline this option, a window pops up asking if I'm sure I want to decline. I select yes, and nothing happens. I don't advance beyond this screen. I've tried selecting a protection plan, as well as clearing my history and cookies, and trying 3 different browsers; I always get stuck on the protection plan page. Is this a problem with my account or the phones I can select? Thanks for any assistance.


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all of T-Mobile's pages seem to be not working correctly lately. What you can do is decide on which phone you want and if you are authorized to make a purchase on that account you can contact T-Mobile through Twitter or Facebook and tell them the problems you're having. They can place the order for you and wave any upgrade fee because ordering online has no upgrade charge but ordering in a store or ordering through the assistance of telesales always results in an upgrade charge. Just tell them that you are having ordering issues and therefore should not be charged the upgrade fee.