Can't get in to my account page--loop problem

  • 15 December 2018
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I am using my husband's account to ask this question.

We joined t-mobile at same time and he is able to log in and go into his account page BUT NOT MINE!

I can log in  but it will go to the main page of t-mobile.  I tried to click to my account but no luck at all.

It keeps redirecting back to t mobile page.  I can't pay my bill, change my setting, etc.  Totally useless!

And when trying to log in this community, it keeps saying "the email is existing."   I was not log in or set up something with email at all.

My account is screwed up!!!  Please help!

I tried  to call in 3 times and they all can not help.  One of them even said it's the t mobile problem that lasts 3 months already.

Well, if it's t mobile problem , why you are not fixing it yet???   I am very frustrated  it.


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6 replies

I'm having exact same problem and it's just a waste of time when calling in.

They said they submitted a helpdesk request to fix my account issue which could take up to 3 days.

It's now 3 months already!!!

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Hey there!

That's definitely not something we should just be brushing off. Do you know if there has been a ticket or any follow up on an existing ticket made? Have you tried reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter? They are often a great resource for ticket files and easy follow up!


Hi Lauren,

Thanks for reaching out. I tried to call in couple times and live chat but

no luck.

The lady that I spoke with last time said she submitted a ticket and the

issue should be resolved within 72 hours.

I just have to idea of how to follow up with that open ticket.

I have 3 lines under this account and now they're all having trouble with


Have a great day,


I have that ticket number and waited over 3 days and they can not figure it out why. 

I ended up telling them change the log in email and it fixed the problem.   Maybe you guys can try it. And please report if it works to help more people.

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Hey @trinhthuy 

How long ago was this ticket filed? If it has been over 3 days, please do call us again so our team of experts folks can see what is going on.

Was just stuck in a similar login error loop!

The login did not recognize the T-Mobile phone number. It allowed me to enter my email but told me there was no phone number associated with my account. When I tried to add my number, I was told it was already registered with another user.