Can't log into prepaid account, "" infinitely loads

  • 8 August 2020
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When I try to sign into my T mobile account by clicking on the “My T-Mobile” button, it directs to “” and infinitely loads with this spinning pinwheel (see attached image)

I’m using the latest version of Firefox and it does the exact same thing with Chrome.


9 replies

I’m a Linux user and have this problem, depending on the day and the browser. It isn’t consistent either. I prefer Firefox but it only works on UBUNTU. Chrome doesn’t work on Knoppix8.6. And when I finally get a browser to work as soon as I pay the site logs me out. It has to do with how they have configured site security for the day. I also have to turn off any ad blocker AND accept ALL cookies even 3rd party persistent ones. I pay and then go through and clean out all cookies manually. T Mobile isn’t the only site I have this issue with, Petstuff and a storage rental site.

I get this exact same problem whenever I try to add an item (such as a new phone) to my cart and choose “Existing Customer” - once I provide my credentials, it gets stuck forever at the above-mentioned “” page.

I’ve tried using Firefox 68.12.0esr on Windows 8.1 and Edge 44 on Windows 10, and neither of them work.

Part of me suspects that it doesn’t work because I’m on the Legacy Pay-As-You-Go plan (which I’ve had for about 13 years), and they probably want me to upgrade to something more expensive than $10/year.

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Have you checked that you are connected to the internet? Sometimes the connection can fail.

Haven’t been able to login to my pre-paid account for about 3 weeks now (as of 12/6/20).  Tried 3 different browsers and the phone app with no luck.  The problem seems to be with the account switcher (I have 2 accounts, 1 data only for tablet and 1 phone plan). Usually get this error: “The requested URL /accountchooser/undefined was not found on this server.”   Have put in 2 tickets to T-mobile for them to fix, but they haven’t yet.  You definitely get different levels of service between the post-paid and pre-paid accounts!


He wouldn’t have been able to connect to both FF and Chrome w.o. internet.

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It’s definitely something on their end. Not my Internet.

Edge is pretty much the same thing as Chrome now anyway so it wouldn’t make a difference

Unable to login to Tmobile prepaid for weeks. Changed password numerous times. Customer support put me thru manipulations that did not work and told me that their  engineers would look into it and get back to me over a week ago. Totally frustrated

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I’m using Linux, also (KDE Plasma on Kubuntu). I use Chromium (almost Chrome...more restrictions) and I don’t ever have a problem except when the site is down, but then, EVERYONE has a problem!

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Try accessing it with Edge.