Can't pay bill!!!

  • 1 August 2020
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I’m trying to pay my bill and can’t. Apparently I made a payment earlier in the month that has seemingly poofed away and now I have a past due balance and now I’m trying to pay this months bill and I can’t pay it online, I can’t pay it over the automated system AND the rep that tried to do a manual payment even said not authorized for her. They keep telling me to call the bank which is closed but I also know I have money because I got paid today and I double checked to make sure the money was there which it is. Now they are telling me to go to the store and get a refill card which has become ridiculously hard to find. My bill is $50 I only found one refill card after going to several stores and it was only for $40. I’m so frustrated because now my phones off and I’m trying to pay the bill and can’t. It’s got to be something on Tmobiles end because my cards are fine and now my phones just dead in the water.

3 replies

Trying to pay my bill but my card is not working

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Stores like Walmart should have them.


Perhaps your bank is denying it not due to a lack of funds, but because the transaction is from out of state.  My girlfriend's bank does that to help prevent fraudulent transactions. 

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Please call 611. My account had the same problem (money rejection disease - MRD). I guaranty you Tmobile WANTS your payment! I had to have the cs add money to my account twice to get it to take. The account even recorded the many attempts to pay & enable auto-pay. When we switched our family plan to 4 separate Tmobile Connect plans, all except mine worked fine on auto-pay  :rolling_eyes: … One of the other accounts was charging to the SAME credit card?!!! :rolling_eyes: Hmmm... :smirk: Every time anyone (cs included) enabled auto-pay it auto-disabled! The cs finally had a supervisor force the account to take the charge to the card, causing the 2 other payments to show up on account. Soooo….now, I won’t know for sure if auto-pay is working for 2 more months :rofl::joy::laughing:. A lesson in not taking life too seriously - this isn’t personal. It’s happening to a few of us and Tmobile doesn’t like it either. :wink: