Can't receive text messages from most sources, including T-Mobile verification

  • 3 October 2021
  • 26 replies


Wondering if anyone else is newly having this issue. I found this thread that started two years ago but still had replies within the last four months and there doesn’t appear to be a solution. 

I spent nearly an hour on the phone with tech support earlier and though we tried a ton of resets on my phone, as well as her manually changing what tower my phone is connecting to, I still cannot receive text messages from most accounts, including T-Mobile verification codes. Tech support had to text the other phone on our account so I could verify it was me. 

Many things require two-factor authentication these days, so I can’t just go forward not receiving texts. Tech support said they would monitor my account for 48 hours, but wouldn’t be able to tell if I was being sent messages that ultimately weren’t getting delivered, so I’m not sure what the monitoring is going to do. I’m searching for any type of solution at this point. I feel like someone ought to be able to hit the master reset on my phone number and start from scratch. I can’t imagine how a phone number could essentially be corrupted into not being able to receive texts anymore.


I’m having issues with SMS, MMS, and Short Code. Only two people I know have gotten their texts through to me out of ten. Please help!

26 replies

I had same issue, just with T-Mobile when upgrading phone.  Did chat with service rep and they had no answer. I cleared cache, checked for blocked number, turned airplane icon on then off.  Nothing worked.  I just happened to have my "Phone Link" app up on laptop, and boom there were all the codes I had requested under messages.  No idea why my messaging app on phone didn't get them.  So I was finally able to upgrade without going to store it calling.