Can't send or receive SMS from non T-mobile numbers

I'm running into a problem that has me and T-mobile support stumped. I added 2 new lines to my account about 2 weeks ago  for my kids. One is on a Samsung S7 edge refurbished from TMO the other is a TMO branded Note 5.

They cannot send or receive SMS or MMS from non T-mobile numbers but works fine between TMO numbers.

It's  not the phones because I can put my sim in either of their phones and it works but it doesn't work in my phone.

We looked in the account a day there's no message blocking or family allowances.



I have a Google Voice account setup on one just for voicemail and I can send and receive text with the number GV provides but not the TMO number.


I have a second ticket open but support says it will be a week before they will contact me again with an update.

Any suggestions?

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Google voice uses data. It sounds like there is some provisioning that is not set correctly on your phones. The text message and mms system works differently than Google voice so it sounds like a T-Mobile back end issue. You may visit the store and see if they will try a new Sim card in each phone that might be the problem.  from the store or over a phone call T-Mobile should be able to reset all three phones signal and provisioning and that should fix the problem. But I would start with the Sim card first.

Unfortunately we tried new sim cards. We even tried a new number on one of the phones. Google Voice is only on one phone and all it does is forward calls to voice mail. I deactivated just incase that was causing a problem.

We can call non T-mobile numbers but can SMS or MMS with them.

What has me stumped is the other 3 accounts I have do not have any issues.

Support was able to send them messages through their system but with test phones from other carriers none went through.

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I think the best bet is to look into that ticket you filed. That's usually the last step for an issue like. We appreciate you trying out new SIM cards but have you gotten any updates on the ticket? Please let us know. Thanks!

Unfortunately I won't hear back until Friday from support. They've been great but it puts me in a jam since my kids can't text non TMO customers if they are home alone after school before we get home.

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Eeek. My little people aren't old enough to be home alone, but I'm sure when they are I won't want their messaging limited to TMO customers (there are still some nice folks in the world who haven't switched yet 😉). Just wanted to check in here and see if you'd been able to get any results on this ticket. How are things going?

- Marissa

Hey there! Have you heard back on your ticket yet?

Yes but it wasn't positive news. We had to change the numbers. For some reason these two numbers weren't able to text non T-Mobile subscribers. The moment we changed them, texting worked again.

Well that is super odd! I am glad to hear that everything is working now though. Were these lines ones that you ported in from another carrier or were they new numbers that we gave you when you activated them?

They were brand new numbers that TMO issued and were concurrent numbers like this 555-555-0011 and 555-555-0012.  Must have been something with that number block.

Ahh okay, thanks for clarifying! I am at least glad to hear that the numbers were pretty fresh. I know that having to change a phone number can be tough, especially if you have had that number for a long time!