Can't send or receive texts

  • 27 November 2020
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I joined T-Mobile and ported my number from google voice on Monday. I was told the number ported successfully. I could not send or receive texts, but gave it 24 hours at recommendations of experts. 

I called Tuesday and experts said to get a new sim card (phone is brand new samsung s20 fe 5g bought from T-Mobile). Got new sim card installed at T-Mobile store. Still couldn't send or receive text messages. Called again. They said to wait 24 hours after resetting all my network settings repeatedly. 

I called Wednesday. We reset everything multiple times, rebooted, they rebroadcasted my stuff, nothing worked. Told to wait 24 hours.

T-Mobile called today. We did the whole reset reboot runaround and finally the guy said a tower was down and to wait 24 hours.

Getting tired of waiting, wanted to submit a ticket. Chatted with support tonight. They told me they don't know when the tower will be up and they can't do anything about any of it until then.

I tried the sim in another unlocked phone I have and it didn't work. 

Confirmed with Google voice that my number fully ported out.

I am researching moving to another carrier because I'm about done with this. 


To sum up, I can't send or receive texts from any carrier. I've received texts from T-Mobile support (and account updates) but that's it.


1 reply

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It’s not your phone. I’ve read other complaints about delay’s getting text messages when porting from Google Voice.