Can't send picture on MMS when Wifi on , Nokia 7.2

  • 11 September 2020
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Nokia 7.2  Android 10  Carrier  T-Mobile 

Can’t  received  or send  pictures as usual when Wifi on  , I need to turn on mobile data to received.

pop up message “ Tap to allow MMS messaging on T-Mobile when mobile data is off “  

 the text  without  any  problem but only  picture .  APN been set ,  please help

3 replies

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Is wifi calling working?

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is your mobile data turned off? usually even if on wifi or using wifi calling the phone must still authenticate it via mobile data in order to send (usually happens quickly behind the scenes and not noticed)

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Even if you do not use it, download messages from google play.


when It’s installed, keep wifi off. enable chat features, make sure it sets itself up and goes active. this will enable w.e the phone needs for default uses, lte or wifi.


once it’s good, either continue to use messages and disable built in one or get rid of it and use it as you always have.