Can you email customer support?

  • 15 January 2022
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I'm trying to ask a few questions about my line suspension that I requested. The line is suspended but my Netflix account associated with that account still works. Shouldn't that be canceled too, since I'm not paying anything under the suspension. I'm overseas so I don't want to call and pay the fees for that, especially since I was on hold for about an hour last time. Thanks for any help.

1 reply

I wonder what will happen when I write this… I have been paying 34 a month for insurance on 2 phone for 2 years - even many more years than that - but on different phones - I have my phone for 2 years and dropped it yesterday - I took it to a T-Mobile store in Chicago and they said the phone & camera re fine and my best bet is to use my insurance - first time ever after years of paying for insurance - So he tells me it would be $30 - I get that processing fee - BUT - when I go online to file the claim - it is going to cost $99….WHAT - I paid 408 in insurance and have to pay another $99 on a 2 year old phone replacement….REALLY - as many years I have been a loyal customer the thing should be free… Wonder if Verizon does this crap to thier customers - not a happy camper here - the insurance scam hits again… WEll T-Mobile - what - all Pink and all - what you going to do for this Loyal customer - or will I be someone eles loyal customer… Richard Scherer.. Unhappy with T-Moble right now