Can you refill your prepaid account in another country? Please help

  • 19 January 2021
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This thing is driving me bananas. So for a couple of months I’ve been paying by calling them because the website won’t work. But I had to leave the country because of COVID reasons and I can’t call from here - I can’t even reach the international # - and I just simply cannot pay. It is possibly because I have incoming/outgoing international calls blocked but the website says I can’t modify the settings when I haven’t paid. So yeah, I’m stuck. please help. god this sucks. jfc I’m gonna cry I need to keep my number for my bank stuff dadhsrthrdytjg

3 replies

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Did you try dialing *233 from your T-Mobile device?


…… I can’t change the settings because I can’t log into the regular website instead of the prepaid website………………..


nvm I went through a 3rd party refill website and paid.