Cancelling upgrade order

  • 6 February 2019
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So I tried to order the iphone X through as an upgrade from my current phone (LG v20). I used the same card to pay that is used for my monthly plan payments. I received the order confirmation and the EIP docu-sign email. I signed the document and 20min later received an email that there was an issue with the card used and I needed to call 611. My order status is "Kept On Hold." I called and the agent I spoke to said he would make sure my order gets cancelled and I just need to create a new order. So I do this and again get the EIP email, but this time I can't sign the documents because they come up already signed from the first order. I call 611 again and this agent spoke to her supervisor and the previous agent and eventually told me that both orders will go through and I just need to refuse one of them and the phone will get sent back to the warehouse and I'll be given a refund. When I log into my account, the first order still shows as "Kept On Hold" and the second order is nowhere to be found. I do have both order numbers though. I have no confirmation that I'll get a refund. At this point I just want to cancel both orders and have no clue how. I don't want TWO phones, I just wanted ONE. Now I'll be charged for two phones. HELP PLEASE!!


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Oh man, definitely sounds like we have some things to work on and figure out!

We aren't able to view orders through the forums, but I would suggest reaching out to T-Force on FB or Twitter! They will be able to complete the fix online and you'll have a record of what is processed!


Hos do I cancel within the 14 days allowed as stated in the cotranct sent to an old email? I need to cancel immediately. !!!