Cannot Get My S20 Ultra 5G unlocked

  • 23 February 2021
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I purchased a S20Ultra 5G from Samsung over 3 months ago. I am active duty US Army and am now overseas. I put in several unlock request before I left the US. Everytime they said it would take 24-72 hours. We got Google fi cards for my work so I no longer needed. The night before my phone still said it was locked under settings/connections. When I called customer service to make sure I could port my number they said yes your account is good the port request is in and your phone is unlocked. I told it said it was not the lady on the phone said it is and would be fine. I out in the Google fi sim ran through its process and it said that the sim could not access because my device was locked by the carrier. I put my t mobile aim back in and it no longer worked. Said I was not recognized on the network and had no service I went to a T Mobile store my last night instead of spending it with my family and spent 3 hours on the phone with customer care. They said my device was unlocked and my number was ported out but it was not. I downloaded the unlock app the customer care said to and it said my phone was unlocked. The rep themselves said it was unlocked. My phone through settings said locked. When I go through settings to request unlocked it says intelligible. Code 132 and that's it. We spent an hour on conference call waiting with Samsung to see why my phone is locked their rep said they do not lock phones to any carrier it was t mobile that still had my phone locked. I had to get a new temporary phone number and redo my account on sim so I could use it while another unlock request was “sent higher"every single time I have asked for a incident code or unlock request code that I can reference and Everytime the rep says they cannot because it needs to come from the higher support. This never happens. Has been over 3 weeks in total time and I am stuck paying on T mobile when I have a work account laid for while overseas. Anyone know what else to do?


1 reply

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Contact the T-Force Team through Facebook or Twitter.  They can best help you out the quickest.