Cant use call forward and other features

  • 31 May 2019
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I think my line has some feature activated that is blocking some of my daily usage thing. cant use call forward or even call waiting the phone brings me a message that saids call setting error network or sim card error. I have changed the sim card this month 4 times, replace the phone i had Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, One plus 6t, Oneplus 7 pro and a Galaxy s10. all of them same issue. is anyone encounter this? I have other line they dont have this problems.


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5 replies

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If it is just the one line, it's possible that the provisioning for that line is not set up properly. If you have a moment, please give us a call so our team of experts over the phone can do an audit of all your included features for that line.

I have 7 lines only one is doing that.

Won't work on WiFi. Sometimes gives me issues on LTE and I have to try several times. If you're in an area with 2G/3G service, they're dead reliable. If you can lock your phone in 2G/3G mode (i.e. turn off LTE) it should work.  Note that T-Mobile has implemented Defined Conditional Forwarding (A pox upon them for it.) such that if you try to disable conditional forwarding, it will automatically reset to voicemail.

Note that I'm only discussing call forwarding. I haven't made much use of other features, like call barring, and can't even tell you if they work.

Post paid, I have tried on wifi and without 

Prepaid? Postpaid? Are you on WiFI? Doesn't work on WiFi.