Carrier Freedom Program

  • 30 June 2020
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I am very frustrated with TMobile right now.  I switched from Verizon in April, I was told that the 3 phones still being paid on from Verizon would be “paid off” through the CFP as long as I sent the phones in, purchased new ones and submitted my last bill.  The Tmobile site won’t allow me to upload my last bill and I have not been able to get the proper help from customer service.  I now have a $1400.00 bill from Verizon that I have to pay out of pocket.  Is there an email where I can file a formal complaint?

1 reply

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Yikes- I’m sorry that the website is giving you such a hard time! I’d like to try to help if I can!  

Now, when you say it “won’t let” you upload your bill, could you be a little more specific? 

When you click here to go to the Carrier Freedom page, then sign in with your T-Mobile ID, what do you see?

And are you accessing from a computer or a mobile device?