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  • 10 June 2019
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It says after more than $100 in prepaid spent on the phone I can unlock it. I spent 150 and it does not unlock


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Your best bet would be to contact T-Mobile Customer Care through Twitter.  Lately, they are the group that seems to be unlocking more devices without meeting the requirements than any other official source. 

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Just to clarify is this a Tmobile branded device.?

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Just checking in here to see if you still needed any help with this.


Tmobile have told me they cant unlock my device ...

Its an Iphone 8

I bought it outright from Tmobile in september 2018

I had a prepay contract for 10months of which I paid $50/ month ie i've paid approx  $700 for a phone plus $500 in phone charges

I moved back to the UK a few weeks ago and cancelled my contract not realizing I needed to unlock it first

Now I've been told they won't unlock it because I don't have an active account!

This feels totally unfair, if not active extortion

How can I get this addressed. It's already cost me an additional $30 in international calls to request an unlock.

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As syaoran posted earlier , try contacting them through Facebook or Twitter but

in the unlock request document you don't meet the requirements which are an active account

on prepay , $100 in refills or a year usage.

Unlock your mobile wireless device

Hi I would like to unlock my tmobile samsung a71 device kindly assist .

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Hi I would like to unlock my tmobile samsung a71 device kindly assist .

Are you a TMobile USA customer?