Cell spot is theft

  • 19 January 2021
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I want to make it clear, first off the cell spot is a stealing device,  ill exlain. Tmobile does not make determine if you are on a cell spot or thier tower. So thier cell spot can do something like 90 down 30 up is the max, which is slow garbage, but if you didnt know tmobile is the handicapped provider now you do. Not enough people have high speed 150 plus up and down to actually test this. 


Heres where the theft happens, so literally you are putting up a cell phone tower for tmobile for free. They will monitor your usage of your own internet through it, and cap you. They will also charge you for hotspot if you want more of your own internet. They will eventually put you on the always capped list if you start using it to much, and you will always be capped for using your own internet. 


So if you say use the cell spot every month and get say 150gbs a month every month, they will basically perm cap you. Even though you are using your own internet. This part is a guess though based on reading other people complain that they use over 100gbs and tmobile puts them in a perm cap.


Just imagine what fun u will have when some one with a prepaid account figures out you are boosting tmobile all over haha,and uses your interner to do all types of nefiarous fun. You have no access to this cell spot, and it gives any one with a tmobile phone access to your internet. 

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