Change existing T-Mobile number to a new number

  • 8 January 2019
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I have an existing T-Mobile number which belonged to someone else (they are not using it now). But since it was used by someone else, I receive messages/calls from their contacts. Is there a way to get this number changed? Would the owner of the plan be needed for this change? How much would it cost?


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The account holder would have to request the number change unless you have authorization on the account the number is tied to.  It can be done with a quick call to Customer Care. 

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From my experience... to change your number T-Mobile charges $15 dollars. But, I have had some issues in the past where T-Mobile changed my number for FREE when i kept receiving crank calls all day and all night from unknown numbers.

and as @syaoran stated... unfortunately you have to be the ORIGINAL ACCOUNT HOLDER in order to make changes, and not just the owner of the phone.

Awesome. Thanks. Got it done like you said.

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I have have never been charged a fee.  When I first got the number I have now, I had my number changed 5 times in a day because each previous number I got, I was getting plenty of spam calls within the first hour of having each.