Change From One -> Magenta

  • 22 December 2021
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I’ve been with T-Mo since 2016 and on the One plan the entire time.  When they went with the tax included plans back around 2017, they switched me onto a 2 paid + Friends & Family 2 Lines On Us + $20 autopay discount = $140/month for 4 lines. 

It’s been fine, but as the Magenta plan came out, I don’t have access to a few things, such as 5GB of free tethering and now the Apple TV+ deal, because I’m not on Magenta.

If I was a person off the street, I’d be able to get 4 lines of Magenta at $140/month (the same rate I’m paying now), but to switch it’s going to cost me $160. 

It seems the only way I can get there is to port my numbers out and port them back in again?  If I port out, I’m staying out.  There must be a way to change my plan to the more standard 3 + 1 Magenta.

1 reply

I finally got the right person - fingers crossed this should be fixed next billing cycle.