Change which number is primary on account

  • 16 August 2021
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Is there a way to switch which phone number is the primary in the account? I have 2 lines and I just want to change which one is the primary.



6 replies

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if im thinking correctly the primary account holder (PAH) would need to give permission..not sure if the PAH and the soon to be new PAH would both need to go into a physical store or not though..they might have to verify both people. if anything contact TMO through either Facebook or Twitter to see what all steps are needed to do this..

were you able to figure this out? 

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You need to do a change of responsibility.


Unless it's just a line permissions then that can be done from the PAH’s MyTmobile account.

Is there a way to change the primary account holder number from my Hotspot number to my cell number?

how do i switch the primary number on the account becuz i have changed my phone number  to one of the other number on my account


I have the same question.  How do I change the PAH to another number? 

Current -6111 (PAH)

New- 9614