charge me for services not used

  • 22 September 2022
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I signed up for Tmobile thinking I would be saving money. A few weeks after not activating the service i had a change of heart and canceled the service in August. On August 20th I was charged $197.78 for service I did not use. I noticed on my American Express account and called Tmobile. The representative I spoke with canceled the service and refunded the $197.78 due to no activation or use of service. She also guaranteed that I will be receiving a gift card for the initial fee paid in the store. I was very happy about this. In the beginning of September I received another billing stating Sorry to see you go and also included a bill for $440.56 for service that was canceled and never used. I spoke to a representative who advised that I had a cancellation fee (this is not correct- no contract) and that I need to pay the bill. She also advised that I need to speak with a collections agency about $233. Clearly she had no knowledge of what she was talking about so I requested a supervisor which I am still waiting for as I type this message. Its been 45 mins on hold already. The representative was not knowledgeable, incompetent and no clue what was going on. Clearly the bill said it was canceled and no use of data/phone service. I cannot understand how a company like this can get away with this practice. I had all intentions of switching to save from my other carrier once the new phone comes out but you can forget it now. ALL I NEED IS MY MONEY BACK! Nothing else so I can move on with my life!


1 reply


Update - After being on hold for 1 hour and 30 mins for a supervisor the representative hung up and did not call back.