Charged for a device I returned

  • 13 October 2016
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I was charged  $650 for a device  I returned. I've spoken to so many customers service  reps and a supervisor and was told nothing could be done. I was told  that there is no record of me returning the device. I returned this device 3 months ago and out of the blue I'm charged for something  they themselves have no way of tracking. It is very unfair that they can't even provide  me with the tracking number  they created. All they can say is that they don't have the information. Why  wait 2 and half  months to  charge  me. The same way they call me twice a day when my phone bill isn't paid...they could've  call about the device.  Who else can I contact besides customer  care.


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Oh no! We definitely don't want you to be charged for a device that you returned! While this sort of thing is a very rare occurrence, we do have a process in place for this. I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature so that they can take a closer look at this situation with you. You can let them know that you already had a handset research form filed and that it may need to be escalated as the warehouse was unable to locate the device.

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Oh no! We definitely don't want you to be charged for a device that you returned! While this sort of thing is a very rare occurrence, we do have a process in place for this. I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter links in my signature so that they can take a closer look at this situation with you. You can let them know that you already had a handset research form filed and that it may need to be escalated as the warehouse was unable to locate the device.

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Hey @laura.david29‌.

Just stopping by to say Chris has a great suggestion. Have you run this by our T-Force team so they could try sorting this out for you?

Keep us posted, thank you.

Hi Chris, let me tell you that this event occurs very very often!!! We are not the only ones who have this problem. Something is wrong between warehouse and billing department. I asked for exchange but I wanted a new device because my original device never worked properly. NEVER EVER!!! You have all the records with my calls. Then they sent me a refurbished one when i was very clear I wanted a new one. Anyways when I opened the box and I found out it wasnt a new one I closed the box and I returned. I didn't even touch the device. I didn't take out of its package.I returned the UNOPENED box with  SAM G930T GS7 GLD EXCH on April 3rd, 2017. I have a receipt with tracking number. On May 13th I received a text from Tmobile telling me; "We never received the SAM G930T GS7 GLD EXCH to process your exchange and you will be charged a non-return fee. Send the device within 14 days for credit".

I called right away to customer service and the lady on the phone said that they have my return on records so she sent an email to warehouse to fix it. She didn't know why they sent me that and she apologized. Anyways on  May 20th, 2017 I received a text telling me that my bill is $779.48. I called and a supervisor told me that I have to wait for an answer from warehouse to see why they say I didn't returned. I wanted a solution right away. It's not my mistake. I did everything right since day one. I was already pacient enough. I pay my bill with a non return service. My device is sucks! I asked for a manager and of course my call dropped like always (this is one of the issues I'm dealing since I bought this phone on May 2016. I called again and I spoke with a manager who told me he applied a credit but they have to wait for their answer. Like the credit will show up on the next bill. Also they charged me a exchange fee I never used. I don't have an extra $619.65 to pay for your mistakes. I don't see on my bill they applied a credit for the $619.65.  Also I was another person was charged twice on May. Do you know the company you are working for 12 year is committing fraud??? Because what your company is doing under law is FRAUD. Your company is not giving the service we are paying for, it is holding money from customers and using it in your favor. That is also fraud.

I have the same issue,

I returned the phone (T mobile sent me the return shipping label) I have all proof and delivery information but Still seeing the phone on my account.

I have called so many times to UPS and T mobile even their manager but no luck,

UPS claimed that they have delivered the package inside the office or so call  whorehouse BUT T mobile calming that they never received the phone.

Please help...

I also am dealing with the same issue.

I used my jump to upgrade my phone to an iPhone 8 for some reason it wasn't working so I went back to the store, the replace my phone gave me a new one putting the old one and a box and telling I need to go straight to UPS and drop off the phone to send it back to T-Mobile. So they printed out the shipping label for me and I did just that went straight to UPS dropped off the package and then on October 2nd I got a text stating that my package has been delivered to T-Mobile. A few days after that I checked my account and noticed that I was still being charged for two iPhone 8, so I immediately called TMobile to figure out what was going on... a week later I've gone through for Representatives who have told me that my package was never received and that they cannot find my phone at the warehouse. This is extremely frustrating!!! I don't understand how they are charging me for a phone that they lost and they still want me to go to UPS to file a claim. UPS has already stated that the package was delivered. Again they confirm that this was delivered so I'm not understanding how I am being accountable for a phone that was delivered and was lost at the warehouse!!!! Help! I am being told by Representatives that there is nothing further that can be done and I will be charged for the phone

I was charged for a device they say I received back in 2011 and only now is recognized I owe tmobile for it. It is impossible to get someone to properly help. I have been customer for almost 19 years straight and it is in my records to prove it. How can I contact the CEO?@

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Have any of you spoken with the solution's center, call 611 and ask to speak with them. hopefully they can provide you with a resolution. 

The same thing has happened to me . My daughter is an attorney in Dallas Texas and she told me this has become a very common issue with T-Mobile . If they keep this up we can all join a class action lawsuit.

T-Mobile has a broken return process.  They have a disconnect between the "warehouse" that receives returned devices and their accounting system.  T-Mobile does:

-Not keep record of the UPS tracking numbers they supply to customers.  Thus if the phone is mishandled by the warehouse and the customer did not keep record of the tracking number, then there is no proof that the phone was returned.

-Not have a clearly defined return process.  Many customer service reps in general do not know how to process a return.

-Not have a chain-of-custody system for returns.  As they do not track the returns to the people who accept them, there is no accountability in the warehouse to get things done correctly.

This is not an acceptable business model.  Amazon, for example, refunds me once the item can be tracked as in-transit as a return.  I recommend that when you return anything to T-Mobile, not only save your tracking number, but return it so the return requires a signature.

T-Mobile is not as competitive as they once were.  When my grandfathered plan of about 7-years becomes obsolete, I will shop around.  In the mean time, my phone bill is pretty low.

I am waiting for a refund for a returned phone.  They opened a ticket.  I supplied the order number, tracking number of return, reason for return.  A couple hours later they update my account history to say they have authorized my return and I have 7-days to return what I had already returned!  I called customer service and they told me to "ignore" the message.  They did not have record of the return shipping tracking until I supplied it!  Like I said, there is no chain-of-custody for the return of expensive mobile phones--crazy!

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I had same issue.  You need to make sure you hold on to your tracking number, I do not understand who would not but never the less you need to keep it.  I have been with TMobile for over 15 years and sadly there are a lot of things they have no idea what they are doing.  If they give you a label, you use it, i states it was returned how do they not know where it is?  I also question why is it my problem at that point.  You need to contact customer loyalty and let them explain how they intend to keep customers when this on going issue is still on going

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PS, just to get off subject I am wondering why EVERY answer by a TMobile employee is marked correct answer.  IF there is no resolution how on earth is the answer correct?  I am getting charged for a phone I returned...TMobile...Go on facebook, BAM, correct answer.....This is becoming a joke.Because I TMobile employee stated to go to Facebook or Twitter that is the correct answer?  Why Wasn't the answer about a class action suite the correct answer? Ill tell you why, so they can raise their number to look like they actually know what they are talking about.  Getting a little phony.

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Hey folks! Please know that it is never our intention to make you continue to pay for a device that you have returned via a trade in, a buyers remorse return, or as part of some rebate promotion. With these specific types of issues, we will need to take a look at your account and here on a user to user community forum, we the community manager team do not have access to your account. Our T-Force team on Facebook or Twitter will be able to access your entire account and do a full investigation as to why you are being incorrectly charged.

I'm in the same situation. Can't believe they do this. Anyone reach out to John Legere or has anyone filed a complaint with the better business bureau for these types of practices ?

They also added a insufficient funds charge to boot and not allowed to use a credit card to pay the bill. This is t-mobiles incompetence at its worst. Reached out to @johnlegere on twitter for some help . The t-force said they would get back to me in 72 hours. Is John aware that type of practices this happen?

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I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing a similar situation 😥 I am confident that our T-Force team will get this sorted out for you. Please do let us know what the outcome is.

I am currently in the same situation, returned a broken iphone 6s plus back in September 2017, I still have the tracking number which i give to a customer representative EVERY week that I have been calling trying to get this resolved, i even did a UPS claim and they told me they received it but the phone cannot be found, I now have an $800 charge on my bill and I keep getting the same answer EVERY TIME.  I cannot even get an upgrade because of this situation.  I even have talked to Dustin the manager twice already, he promised to call me today and I ended up calling him as usual.

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We can definitely look into this for you @magenta0620​Since we are going to need to pull up your account to review what has happened, I would recommend that you reach out to our T-Force team using the Facebook or Twitter icons in my signature.

I already reached out to Twitter and Facebook this afternoon.

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Ahh okay, are you awaiting a call from them or are you still talking to them?

Dennis the supervisor/manager is supposed to call me back this Friday but

he said the same last Thursday that he was going to call me today and I

never heard from him so I ended up calling him instead.

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I am very sorry that we missed a follow up with you 😥 I want to make sure you are taken care of so please do reply back to this thread on Friday and let me know if you have heard anything back from Dennis.

I will. Thank you. I have gotten a better response from you than calling


Still not resolved. I copied a link of this site to John Legere twitter account and got the same broken promises that it would get resolved. This is unethical that T-Mobile has these types of practices.

Userlevel 5 What specifically happened when you spoke with our T-Force team?

I had no response when I went on twitter, I just PM someone on Facebook but

haven’t heard back. I am supposed to get a call from the manager today but

have not heard anything as of now.