Charged multiple new account fees and cannot get refunded by

  • 29 November 2021
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I tried to open a prepaid account online, thought everything worked, was charged $25 (1st month and sim card).  Once my sim card arrived I called to activate, and tmobile rep had no idea what my account was.  She took my info, and charged me another $15 saying it would be credited to 2nd month.  She said number would port.  I got a text an hour later saying issue with port, so…

I went into Tmobile store.  Rep could not find either accounts and could not use the sim card that I was mailed.  She charged me $15 + $10 for another card.  This worked and I now have an account.  However, it has been a week and those $30 worth of payments have not been credited to my account.  Additionally, I called tmobile to see why, and they can’t find evidence of my payments to (other accounts?) to apply to the one that was successful.  I could provide full confirmed transaction info from my ccard company, but rep refused saying they needed and order number or account number.  Neither of those were given via online or phone order, and the order slip on the mailed sim card was not the order number needed.  They basically told me their was nothing they could do.  I said that’s crazy that they took payments and should be able to figure out what they did with that money.  Supervisor never called me back.

Anyone have similar experience or advice on what number to call since main number was a waste of an hour and very frustrating?



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