Charges for an account that never was

  • 29 November 2021
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Let me start by saying that I am pleasantly surprised that I am actually logged in to T-Mobile after several (lots) of time and effort spent attempting to resolve an issue that should have never been an issue to begin with. I also would like to say that I am not, have nit, and will never be a T-Mobile Customer

              On 8/16/21 decided to choose T-Mobile to become my new cell phone service provider. After listening to and seeing repeated advertisements about they cared so much about their customers I would leave my smaller provider for one with a larger coverage area. My intent was to keep both my existing phones and phones and just start art receiving my monthly phone service through T-Mobile. I placed this on Order#71523240i8 I signed up for a plan that was roughly 126.00 of course provided my debit card and signed up with auto pay for the advertised discount.  My card was processed and my order was successful. I later learned that I received a payment confirmation e-mail on 8/18/21 that included my debit card info and the 2 SIM cards that where processed and sent to me free of cost.  With a transaction date of 8/17/21, TRAN CONF#883617770 BILL ACCT# 975672399 with a zero Doller transaction amount. after a few days I followed the tracking info on the order and it stated the Order had already been delivered. After looking at the tracking info again I realized it was delivered to the wrong number address on my street. I tried to create my T-Mobile id so I could log in and try and resolve it that way but had issues without a phone number or a T-Mobile SIM. on 8/24 I attempted to chat with a rep who would not help me without some type of access code that I could not find or create without online access. after an hr. I was told to physically go into a location to be identified. At this point I decided that I no longer wanted to change my service to T-Mobile after having this much trouble just trying to fix such a small issue. I told the rep to cancel everything I was still told to go the store. I went to a local store on my lunch break and was told they could not access or make any account changes that I needed to call a rep by phone. Being even further put off, frustrated and confused I called back and went through the whole process again with a rep over the phone. after 1 and 1/2 hrs. on the phone this time the rep was able to change the address info and check on making sure the account was actually closed. I was assured it was. I was told to go into the store to confirm. Before I had a chance to go back to the store, I received a bill for first month’s service.  This time I went into the store and asked for manager and was told that they would call customer care with me there to have the issue resolved which should have been explained to me by one of the many reps I spoke with. that was done and I was told the acct was closed and assured my d/c would not be charged on the due date.


on    my account was charged. at this point I felt like I should be charging T-Mobile for all I did to avoid having this happen especially when I had no equipment nor SIM or had used a second of t-mobiles coverage data but had wasted several lunches and hours trying to get help. didn’t bother calling this time went to the store got the rep to call back to customer service request a credit back to my account and again verify the acct was closed. I was sent an email to acknowledge those requests and was told to look for a credit and, in a few days, low and behold there was my credit.  I honestly did not expect that so I was just done with T-Mobile. at least that’s what I though until once again I receive a bill that says its past due and will be reported to the credit bureau if not paid?????? a so called last ending statement that is standard???? once again mobile is trying to obtain funds that are in no way due to them for services that where never given or used I also just went through hell and highwater to make sure this account was closed so I wasn’t charged the first bill that I ended up having to get a credit back for but they are threatening to report me and mess up my credit for a bill that was t-mobiles mess up. once again back to a company that I want nothing to do with for another round rep calling rep with customer waiting. was told an email and a credit was being sent like before. 10 days goes by no credit. Back to the store same deal the rep in the store could see where the credit was requested but went sent to be approved it was declined. again, was told same e-mail and credit were going to be sent. I returned one more time let’s just say I am still waiting.



my question is I can be reported to the credit bureau for not paying a bill that should have never been created, but who can I report T-Mobile to for the poor handling of this whole situation and where can I send a bill for my wasted time and aggravation?

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Oh my gosh!!


I found this post because I am experiencing a similar problem.

In October, I ordered a sim card on line, and indicated that I would be porting a number from AT&T.  My number was approved, as was the phone, through the IMEI check.  After I received the SIM, I received a bill for a *new* phone number… not the one I had been planning to port.

Last month, I called customer service, and explained it to them.  They acknowledged that I had never used, or even activated the account.  I was told the bill and the account would be cancelled.  Well, they weren’t cancelled.  I now have a second bill, which includes a late fee for last  month’s unpaid bill.

I cannot log in on line, because the phone (with my unwanted *new* number) isn’t activated.  In order to have an account, they want to send a code to a phone number that I do not have.

I have tried social media.  They take hours to respond, and then ignore you if you are no longer there, after a two hour wait.  They also tell me to verify the number!!!  I cannot do that.  I do have the account number, as well as the phone number they foisted on me.  I also have my name, address, email, and even my passport number…. all of which I need to sign up (can’t remember if they asked for SS, but I have that, too), so it should be easy to verify, but apparently, it can only be done if I am able to get a code on a phone that I do not have?!?!


I’m sorry I have no answer for you.  I agree, however that T-Mobile leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s a shame.  I had such high hopes, and had been looking forward to eventually porting all four of my AT&T numbers to them.