Commendations for excellent customer service and knowledge

  • 22 March 2022
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I pay my bill each month via auto pay using a reloadable prepaid card which means I check my account frequently as the date approaches to ensure I add the appropriate amount to make it ready to be paid. I also keep a strict budget where I physically add to and separate all of my bill money into actual envelopes kept safely in a locked cash box until each comes due so. Part of keeping the budget in this manner requires knowledge of the regular monthly amount due for each account. This month (March 2022), was my 3rd month with T-Mobile and I was waiting for discounts and promotions to balance out so I will know what my regular bill will be. Upon checking the account balance this month to verify the auto pay amount, I saw one figure but when I checked it closer to the date to ensure the card was assigned for auto pay, i noticed the balance due had been reduced. I wasn’t concerned with the number but instead the language on my bill that appeared changes were made to my account. Worried those “changes” would effect my initial plans that I came to T-Mobile understanding, I contacted customer service via the chat feature reaching Danica, rep ID 17759050. Within minutes she had me calm and understanding the language on my bill and assured that what I was seeing would in fact be my regular monthly charges for the remainder of the service contract. I was hoping for a survey so I could give her great kudos but did not receive one. So instead I figured I’d give her recognition here. KUDOS DANICA, REP ID 17759050!

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